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The industry leader with the only all metal self-closing peephole cover. If your viewer cover does not close on its own, you are not fully covered.

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Always check door viewer before opening door.

What good is a peephole cover if it does not close on its own? Our ADA-Compliant interior swing privacy cover ensures peace of mind by restoring the integrity of the peephole. A quick glance at the door lets you confirm you're protected. Engineered from high-quality metal, it is sleek, affordable, and easy to use.




View through an unprotected peephole using a reverse peephole viewer
View through peephole using reverse door viewer

This picture was taken through a hotel peephole from the hallway using a reverse door viewer and a digital camera. You can see why viewer covers are necessary to shield your privacy. The model was aware the picture was being taken. Always inspect the hotel peephole upon checking in.


hotel room without viewer cover
View through unprotected peephole

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews was one of more than a dozen women secretly taped nude in her hotel rooms, her lawyer alleged today. Michael David Barrett has not been charged in the other cases but attorney Marshall Grossman told "Good Morning America" in an exclusive interview that he may have posted as many as 40 videos of other women. "We have credible, determined evidence that Mr. Barrett did the same thing, not just with Erin, not just with a few others, but with 17 other women," he said. "Most of the rest of them have no idea their images were taken."




NEWS: Michigan Private Investigator

catches man spying into woman's

apartment using a reverse door viewer.









Peephole cover blocks reverse door viewer cover
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American Apartment Owners Association recommends installing peephole covers.

AAOA recommends SecureAview
Landlord Quick Tip # 180


Tip #180: I See You!

Ever since a noted television newswoman was secretly filmed in her hotel room through the peephole, and several other victims found similar intimate photos on the Internet, hotels have been installing peephole covers for the safety…   READ COMPLETE ARTICLE
  The Advantages of SecureAview Privacy Covers

  • Sleek and intelligent design
  • ADA-Compliant
  • Premium T-302 Stainless Steel and Solid Brass construction    
  • Blocks illegal viewing        
  • Affordable        
  • Easy installation        
  • Guests know they are protected at a glance       
  • Repairs breach in peephole security       
  • Restores expected privacy
  • Available in different finishes
  • Attracts guests
  • Inspires brand loyalty   
  • Customizable with your logo laser engraved   
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • The smart choice for ensuring privacy in Hotels, Dormitories, Apartments, Condos, and Homes.


viewer cover privacy against reverse door viewer


Although websites claim reverse door viewers were designed for Law Enforcement, now anyone can purchase them. A quick search on the Internet will return hundreds of sites willing to sell them to anyone. Many of them show how to shoot video through the peephole using reverse door viewers. Reverse door viewers are about the size of a roll of quarters, and they are easy to conceal. Although it was at hotels where the problem in peephole security came to light, hotels are not alone. Apartments, condos, dormitories, and single-family homes are all potential targets for peeping toms. Get the privacy cover you can trust, today.






Although hotels are becoming more proactive, problems still persist. Some people still think it's funny to reverse the hotel room peephole as they check out. Guests are smearing toothpaste and Vaseline into the peephole to block illegal viewing. This may stop voyeurs but it also prevents you from knowing who is at the door which puts your safety in jeopardy. Unless the hotel staff is diligent and checks each peephole between guests it is up to you to inspect the peephole to ensure your safety.

As soon as you get to your room inspect the peephole from both sides. Do they have SecureAview viewer covers installed? Is the peephole loose? Is it installed backwards? Are there gouges on the outside which could indicate tampering. Is the view clear? If you notice any problems ask for another room or another hotel. Never open the door without knowing who it is. If you are unsure, call the front desk for their assistance.